POLYFORM brings quality to every stage of the project

In the 10 years since its establishment, the vibrant and ambitious developer POLYFORM has a set new benchmark for the Luxembourg real estate market, transforming what this sector can offer.

Since its beginnings POLYFORM has developed a new approach to real estate promotion; motivated by the search for quality and always led by their love of architecture. Previously, a promotor’s main motivation was not to produce good architecture or to concern himself with the built heritage he was constructing, but to make the maximum profit in selling his properties at high prices, with large profit margins on the essential extras to fully equip the homes sold without finishings. POLYFORM doesn’t take that view. The architectural quality is the key to success, just as is the high level of service provided and the meticulous finishing of the work. This is why POLYFORM has taken the decision to work only with architects well-known for their building designs.

Bureau | Rue des Bains | 2011 –2015

In contrast to their competitors, POLYFORM has entrusted the architects with an all-encompassing mandate. From the first idea to the completion of the interiors, the predominant factor is quality, along with the high level of finishing. In addition, new owners purchasing a home from POLYFORM can move in immediately because the kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, as well as lighting and curtains are all in place. And that makes all the difference. Normally, when choosing to buy a home from the architect’s plans, clients are sent out to various trades’ showrooms to choose items such as tiling and taps. At POLYFORM, things work differently. A prior selection of materials and suitable equipment is put together by the team, thus ensuring a high level of consistency in the interior furnishings and undoubtedly adding to the quality of the project.

Another focal point championed by POLYFORM: communal areas, whether interior or exterior. Stairwells are always an area of architectural generosity bathed in natural light and even sometimes a chosen spot for a work of art which can enhance the attractiveness of the area. In order to ensure that the projects are equally pleasing on the outside as the inside, the surroundings are always finished with great care and include trees and large plants.

POLYFORM brings quality to every stage of the project, thus guaranteeing an added value beyond anything other developers can offer. For a comparable price, the result is incomparable … it is simply far superior.

Bureau | Rue du Labaratoire | 2015 – 2024

If, today, it can be said that there is a trademark which unifies all the projects built by POLYFORM, it is that every project retains, unquestionably, a strong distinct architectural character which distinguishes it from other constructions and guarantees its individuality. In bringing a professional multidisciplinary team together, POLYFORM has set itself the goal of meeting the stringent demands of the Luxembourg real estate market and of constructing buildings whose appeal comes as much from their final appearance as from catering to the well-being of the future residents.

Our goal is to achieve well-managed development so as to maintain excellent performance levels and to continue creating exceptional projects. That is why we place such high value on long-lasting quality. It is with this mindset that we hope to implement a veritable construction culture. For us, the conception of a building is a challenge taken up with enthusiasm, an enthusiasm which we hope to share with our clients. We want our projects to form part of the long term enrichment of a district and of urban and architectural creation in Luxembourg. “A challenge taken up 10 years ago and still with many good years ahead of it.”

Bureau | Blv Adenauer | à patir de 2024