Unique book publications designed with passion

In its constant quest for quality, POLYFORM has developed a highly specific form of communication for its projects: book publication. For POLYFORM, the enjoyment of architecture and the satisfaction of acquiring property designed with passion down to the smallest detail also includes the challenge of good presentation. This is why POLYFORM approached the Vidale-Gloesener agency to support them in developing a collection of publications to both present the construction project – the history and the planning – and also to communicate the design specifications to future purchasers.

From designing the cover to selecting the typeface, colors, layout and the quality of the imagery, everything is crafted, carefully thought through, presented meticulously. Thus every book reflects the identity of the project, its history, its characteristics, its particularities … nothing is left to chance. In a word: every book reflects what makes each design a unique experience.

Bold | Publication of 2022
Fork | Publication of 2021
The Journey | Publication of 2018
Mavrik | Publication of 2018
Oakland | Publication of 2016
The Epic | Publication of 2015
Twins | Publication of 2015
Urban Garden | Publication of 2013