• Location
  • Units
    1 House
  • Living space
    ± 250 sqm

From the street, it isn’t easy to work out that this residential complex actually consists of two  semi-detached family homes. With no windows on the street side, they protect the residents from the glances of the curious and give no hint of their interior layout. The elegant, minimalist facade is of pale brick contrasting with the vertical sections of the metal-finished garage doors which reflect the cubic shape of the second floor.

On the other side, by contrast, the houses open wide to the south-facing garden, allowing a large amount of natural light to flood into the interiors.

The split-level layout is designed to fit the sloping ground of the site while ensuring high ceilings and an easy flow of movement.

Each house has a 250 m2 living surface which is divided into 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living area with an open-plan kitchen, as well as a two-car garage. The interior furniture is custom-made. There are numerous storage areas and, above all, a continuity of design between the different rooms which ensures a high level of cohesion and elegance within the houses.

The garden, designed in stages, provides a large comfortable terrace the full length of the living area. A little lower, there is a swimming pool, and a second terrace in a shaded area.