The Journey

  • Location
  • Units
    16 Apartments
  • Living space
    ± 1250 sqm

The residential building comprises 16 apartments and is notable for the dramatic facade work in perforated metal. The decorative perforations are varied, depending upon the orientation. To take maximum advantage of the natural light while protecting the privacy of the residents, north-facing openings, on the street side, are limited in size while those looking onto the south-facing garden are more generously proportioned. The size of the apartments varies from studios to family apartments, generating an element of social diversity within the building. POLYFORM is thus responding to the individual residential requirements of a district which houses a large number of offices, as well as the European school which attracts families.

The compact size of the building gives it a somewhat sculptural air. The entrance is generously proportioned with a large glass wall bringing natural light into the stairwell.

At the back, the ground-floor apartments open onto large terraces. The green spaces have been carefully planned with mature plants so the residents can enjoy a naturally green environment as soon as they move in.