The Epic

  • Location
  • Units
    9 Apartments
  • Living space
    ± 870 sqm

Situated in the residential sector of Kirchberg, the building appears more as a large villa than as an apartment building. The façade is entirely clad in light-coloured brick, giving it a soft, sophisticated look. The entry is spacious and lit by natural light. A work by the artist VHILS covers a whole section of wall and is also clearly visible from the street through the high glass wall.

It houses eight apartments of 1- to 3-bedrooms and a penthouse with a huge terrace. As with all POLYFORM’s projects, these apartments stand out through high quality finishings and the great attention to detail, with everything together creating a quality of architecture which sets it apart from the rest of the market. Interior areas enjoy extensive space for the living area while the bedrooms are reduced to the essential minimum, but which is optimised through the numerous built-in storage spaces. Natural light enters through the full-height glass walls. Outside, numerous garden areas embellish the building’s perimeters creating a leafy setting for the residents as well as increased privacy from the surrounding neighbourhood.