• Location
  • Units
    8 Apartments
  • Living space
    ± 780 sqm

This city building situated in the residential district of Merl in Luxembourg, incorporates 7 apartments and 1 penthouse. The facade of Trespa panels is marked by a broken line, the exception which proves the rule in this regular geometric design and which adds the essential individuality to break with the commonplace and add a note of character. The window openings, inset in a regular pattern, are high and narrow, but their variable widths add some cadence to the facade.

The internal surface areas of the apartments in Oakland vary from 42 sqm to 150 sqm. In the studios, space has been optimised astutely without loss of privacy: the sleeping area disappears from the view of visitors thanks to a curtain system built in at the beginning of the design of the interior.

At the back, the apartments benefit from large balconies which overlook a shared garden landscaped for the enjoyment of all.