Urban Garden

  • Location
  • Units
    16 Apartments I 2 Offices
  • Living space
    ± 1.500 sqm

This construction rises to the challenge of combining a central urban setting close to a major roadway, with the resolve to create a design of exceptional architectural quality. This is coupled with a high level of interior comfort and the development of an exclusive landscaped area behind the building. To fit the urban setting, POLYFORM chose a facade whose cladding is composed of vertical elements which not only temper the scale of the building but also embellish it. The golden-bronze tone captures the sun’s rays and confers a softness to the facade. A dynamic new urban structure takes its place and becomes part of the renewal of the city.

The ground floor houses office space, partly occupied by POLYFORM since 2014. On the upper floors, 16 high quality apartments of various sizes enjoy top-level finishing and generous space. Two terraces for the top floor apartments are recessed into the roof area.

Common areas are constructed of quality materials and are designed to be durable. A car elevator serves the basement parking area.

A shared garden has been developed at the back. Designed as a small park, it brings an area of calm and serenity to this central city plot, a bubble of peacefulness, a refuge for the residents from the tumult of the city.