• Location
  • Units
    3 units
  • Living space
    ± 350 sqm

A cozy residence in a preserved neighborhood.

The building located in Cessange comes to life with a play of volumes in subtle balance, resembling an urban sculpture with a clear form.

Cessange’s neighborhood is in full development and is characterized by its young and active population attracted by its ideal location between the city and nature.

Its pleasing proportions enhance the enjoyment of being there, and the natural stone that makes up its facade sets it apart from its neighbors. It blends into the landscape like a new architectural icon with discreet volumes and classic elegance.

“Housing” isn’t just about finding a property that meets defined criteria. It should also evoke the desire to say, “I feel so good at home.” This is why the architects have chosen to construct three stacked apartments so that communal living doesn’t clash with the necessary privacy for everyone’s well-being.

Each one has their own floor, and the outdoor spaces are oriented towards different facades.