• Location
  • Units
    19 Apartments
  • Living space
    ± 1.300 sqm

The conception of this 19-apartment building is a step sideways, seeking to break with the traditions of the classic real estate market and to present a more non-conformist character. This is why the building demonstrates simultaneously value through the use of gilded aluminium, while maintaining a certain solidity to better meet ecological requirements. It is important to note that the exterior walls are constructed in a very innovative way with insulating blocks which guarantee indoor temperature regulation providing greater thermal comfort in the apartments. These blocks are coated with a natural material which reduces weathering over time. The recessed top floor is covered with gilded aluminium in deliberate contrast to the white exterior of the building. The common areas also demonstrate an individual approach: POLYFORM invited the artist Dominic from Plastered 8 to create a manga-inspired work on the wall of the stairwell. The light-hearted designs and bright colours enliven the common areas whose colours are drawn directly from the mural.

The garage has received as much attention as the entry hall because many residents enter the building via the parking area.

The residences are mainly 1-bedroom apartments (58 m2). They are delivered, in POLYFORM’s customary manner, fully equipped which means with fitted cupboards, a fitted kitchen, lights and curtains installed.