• Location
  • Units
    16 Apartments
  • Living space
    ± 1.750 sqm

This project unites two twinned residential buildings in Helmdange, not far from the capital, close to the railway station and within striking distance of the motorway link to the north. The 16 apartments are built on three levels, on a common foundation base.

Because of the specific juxtaposition of the apartments, they all enjoy views on three sides with bright living areas. All apartments have balconies or terraces which enable residents to enjoy their own private outdoor space.

Situated within the common foundation base are the large entry areas, well-illuminated by a light shaft, and the parking areas which are accessible from the rear.

The architecture is understated and contemporary in style. Symmetrical facades create a unified look without falling into the trap of repetition, while grey brick cladding contrasts with the horizontal strips underscoring each level.

The ground floor is set aside for offices, in a calm environment and close to nature.