• Location
  • Units
    5 Offices
  • Living space
    ± 2.100 sqm

Although situated on a main road on the edge of the capital, this office building of 2 000 sqm2 of usable surface area nonetheless stands in green, rural surroundings. In addition, the decision was taken to construct a building reminiscent of traditional barns with a two-sided sloping roof. However, this did not mean rejecting  a contemporary look: one single material, wood, unites the walls of the facade and the roof, suggesting a uniformity and a sculptural character which makes this building stand out. Vegetation can climb freely over the walls to eventually cover the entire structure. The human-scale entrance to these offices is centrally situated and a panoramic glass elevator links the different levels while also preserving visual contact with the outside world. Natural light is omnipresent, guaranteeing comfortable working conditions. At the rear, set back from the road, the outside areas have been landscaped to enable the site users to enjoy the green spaces to the full.