• Location
  • Units
    1 House
  • Living space
    ± 320 sqm

The modern villa in Moutfort is situated on a 1380 m2 plot with wonderful and unobstructed views of the neighboring countryside. Thanks to the carport and the garden in the shape of a forest, the villa cannot be seen from the road and thus offers a high degree of privacy. 

The villa’s outdoor areas are equipped with two terraces. The highlight is the infinity pool on the west side of the lot, which seamlessly connects to one of the terraces. 

The spacious height of the living area extends over two floors. The living and dining area is completely open-plan, with a free-standing kitchen island and a central dressing cube with a hidden guest toilet inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow an unobstructed view of the greenery and thus open up the visual boundaries of the space.

In addition to the bedrooms and workrooms, the upper floor also houses the bathrooms and a leisure room, which could very well serve as a yoga studio. 

The exterior appearance of the villa is characterized by a combination of high-end timber and a beautifully crafted brick façade underlining well balanced and clean-cut cubic volumes of the building. 

Villa Flow Infintiy Pool Terrasse
Villa Flow Moutfort Innenraum Wohnzimmer